As I reflect on the different projects that Smart Space Design has been doing recently for our customers, I think to myself, are we seeing a trend? Is the garage cabinet design winning over closet organizing cabinets? Maybe it’s the convenience of storing away large items, out of sight when you pull in the garage, that first impression when you come home. Maybe it’s how functional a garage can be when it’s organized with garage cabinets rather than open shelves bought at the local hardware store or the 2 x 4′s you got at the lumber yard. The clean lines and neat appearance with garage cabinets have a dramatic before and after for most everyone. Whether it’s sports equipment for the kids or the many varied tools that the man of the house has to have or even crafts and decorations for Mom, the garage is the place everyone in the family can use and well organized garage cabinets are the answer. Now we can make your garage storage go from the 2 x 4 shelves to handsome and stylish custom garage cabinets, just like cabinets you would put in your house and it doesn’t have to break the bank!

Smart Space Design has been installing some truly specific designs for custom garage cabinets from ladder storage to window screen storage to in-the-wall baskets that hide away sporting goods from Salt Lake City to Provo to Park City, Utah. It is fun to see how we can utilize every corner of a big or even small garage for storage of any kind.

So does the trend that we are seeing by installing so many custom garage cabinets mean that people are more comfortable investing in organizing space for the whole family or maybe they are just starting on the outside and moving in?

If we can create such cabinet style and functionality before you even get into the house, imagine how custom organizing cabinets in the rest of the house would be!

Put EVERYTHING away in these organized garage cabinets

Put EVERYTHING away in these organized garage cabinets

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